Land of The Free? Free to Suffer

I learned recently that there are over 2,400 homeless school age children in the county I live in. That is just accounting for the children that are of school age and doesn’t include parents and children from birth to the age of 5. How can this be?! How can this be considered “normal” in this day and age in the wealthiest nation in the world? We can spend trillions of dollars invading other countries on dubious grounds? We can give tax breaks to companies with billions of dollars in annual profits? We can bail out the banking industry with trillions of dollars? But we can’t ensure that children are fed and have a home? What does that say about our society? Take a look at our priorities. Take a look at what our government spends our resources and tax dollars. Obviously, we all need to pay attention to what’s going on here and speak up for ourselves and the hungry, homeless children and families. Also, the overworked and the underpaid. Oh, and we can’t forget about the blacks being killed and incarcerated at a horrifying rate. Certainly, I thought slavery had ended but millions of hard working, black Americans who have lost family members and friends from violence and discriminatory laws and incarceration policies will disagree. Slavery has not ended at all. It just has a different name, or even a slew of phrases. Are you outraged? I hope so because if you aren’t you either don’t care about justice, freedom and equality or you are too busy with your own life to even see the perils in the lives surrounding you. Pay attention. Look around. Be outraged. These are just a few examples of things we should all be outraged about. I could write a library full of books about so many other issues…. 

It’s a horrifying yet undeniable fact that this nation IS taking steps down a road paved with violence, greed, corruption and injustice. In fact, the U.S. isn’t taking steps down that road, it is speeding full throttle ahead on a road it’s been traveling on for decades at an alarming rate. We need to rally. Be active. Be aware. Share your beliefs and help to open the eyes of people in your life who either just don’t see what is happening or do see it and feel helpless and hopeless. We are not helpless. We are not hopeless. We are being enslaved and need to take off our chains. Some people may disagree with that statement, arguing that we are not slaves and have more freedom then anywhere else in the world. I beg to differ. Slavery is alive. It resides in America and every nation around the world. In one way or another, every nation has its segment of people enslaved and victimized by others more powerful or brutal then they. In my opinion, we can’t make any kind of significant, posive impact in other nations until we address the root of most evils. That root of evils has a name: Capitalism. The corporations have taken over. They now own America and control most of it’s politicians and media sources. Destroy Capitalism and then we have a chance to heal all the damage it created. Nothing can ever bring back the people that it has killed along its path towards Global Dominance. 

If you aren’t convinced about the evils of Capitalism and need some proof, I will share one small piece of it now. The production of goods in the U.S. has risen dramatically over the last 20 years which resulted in enormous, unprecedented profits. How did these enormous profits benefit the workers who made that possible? Did the pay rate increase at the same level as the increase in production and profit? Not at all. In fact, wages have remained relatively stagnant with a minimal increase that is insignifiicant when the dramatic increase in cost of living is taken into account. 

Capitalism exists with the sole purpose of benefitting a very minuscule elite group of people at the grave expense of millions who suffer or die. We are their fuel. Without us, there is no one to make their products and buy them. We have more power then we ever realized perhaps. 
Food for thought… Much more to come…

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