Bury the TPP and Instead Plant Seeds for a Sustainable, Democratic Economy

The current economy benefits the few oligarchs running our nation while exploring all inhabitants of the earth and poisoning all of us as well as the planet which sustains us. It’s time for a new system. A new economy. It’s time for a change to a new system based on equality, social justice, sustainability and protecting and nurturing our planet Earth. Without Earth, none of us survive. If we band together and create innovative, socially just and sustainable alternatives using green power, we can bring manmind into a new era. We could change life as we know it and build a healthy planet, culture and economy for future generations. We can talk and battle politics forever and see little to no change. It comes down to each of us individually and what we do to bring about positive changes in the communities we live in. 

What would happen if we all worked together? What would happen if I got together a local group of creative thinkers that also want to change their lives and see vast improvements in our community? I envision a place. A space where we could form a worker cooperative that would benefit the entire community. A place is business where local food are sold and made, wood workers making furniture, bookshelves and anything else their creative mind thinks will benefit the community. Why buy plastic chairs from Walmart or pricey furniture from a corporation who doesn’t share the wealth if you would buy it from a local craftsman? Maybe we would have some seamstresses making linens for the house and clothing. A shoemaker who crafts lovely sandals. An artist. A sculptor. A farmer. People who are talented in making natural, healthy, harsh chemical free cleaning products, soaps and shampoos. I envision a worker/community cooperative where people can make practical items that we all need so that we no longer need to turn to ones lining the shelves in Corporate America that usually do animal testing and contain harsh, in some cases, cancer causing chemicals. 

I envision a different, better, healthier future that is sustainable and benefits the entire community. I hope you can see it to. I hope you want it. Let’s make it happen. Democratic Sustainable Economy Tools 



Sustainable Coop Organization with Resources
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