Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Are Standing Up for We the People

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders give me hope that there are politicians actually fighting for the American People and NOT the corporations poisoning our society and that of many across the globe. The Elite top 0.1% in wealth and power will never stop their relentless pursuit for global dominance. They will never grow a conscious and feel remorse for the “profit over people” philosophy has harmed millions of people and will continue to hurt all future generations if their power is not abolished. At one time, Royal Familes and Empires ruled the world. Slowly, Royal Monarchs lost power one by one until nearly all lost their grip on ruling the people. The remaining Monarchs commonly viewed are mere figure heads and lack the ability to enslave the masses for the sole benefit of the upper echelon. It has been done in the past repeatedly throughout history. Rulers come and go. They only have their power for as long as their “subjects” let them. Will we continue to let ourselves be used and abused? Or will we all stand up and demand total overhaul to create a just and peaceful society where all global citizens can live a life devoid of exploitation and corporate dominance? Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are standing up. I am standing up and shouting out to you all. Many organizations and millions of people are standing up also. Will you stand up with us? I urge you to stand up. Together, we can create a better future that promotes sustainable, healthy, empowered communities,
My goal and purpose is to inspire people to stand up, to demand a new social and political structure. There are many ways I can try to achieve my goal. One method is this: highlighting the individuals and organizations throughout the world who are also standing up for global change. With respect and gratitude, I commend them for their bravery and dedication to creating a socially just world. Their courage, perseverance, creativity, relentlessness and personal sacrifices inspire and motivate me. I hope they will have the same effect on my readers.

My parting words for now are, “Will you stand up with us?”