Move To Amend: To Create Viable Solutions to Our Systems Crisis, We Must Reform the Role Corporations Play in Our Government

Let’s talk about greed, the pursuit of power and wealth and how is effects society.  It is a critical conversation we should all be having and putting considerable thought and reflection into.  When one studies human rights, sociology, psychology, politics, economics, ecology or history a trend becomes apparent.  Greed pollutes. Period.  In our society, can we pinpoint and proclaim who is the most greedy? One person, Corporation, Organization, Agency or Political Party cannot fairly be singled out and declared to be The King or Queen of Greed.  No, it’s much deeper and complicated than that.  Attempting to explain how, when or why greed and the accumulation of wealth started to poison living creatures and ecosystems would be a monumental task.  In fact, it may be down right impossible.  It’s likely that greed has existed since the beginning of time.  We see the innate unwillingness to share in infants, toddlers and many animals.  Where else can we see an innate unwillingness to share? In today’s world, I think the answer is obvious and irrefutable.  We can point to the unfair lending practices that led to the housing market crash, we can look at corporations who conduct business oversees where labor is cheap and poverty keeps millions working in unbearable conditions at slave wages to produce the very products that we buy, use or consume on a daily basis.  We can and will go on and on…  For now, let me introduce you to Move to Amend, a non-partisan organization looking to get money out of politics and therefore reduce the influence and power of corporations who do NOT conduct ethical, sustainable, and socially just business practices.  Just the opposite, they are the violators of human rights, lighting the flame behind Global Warming and causing mass destruction on a global scale all in the ruthless, relentless pursuit for ever-increasing wealth and austerity while, simultaneously, individual and community wealth and declines to fund their pursuits.  They profit.  We Pay.  We pay in countless ways.  Move To Amend’s national website, provides an educational tool kit for individuals that is exceptional and diverse.

You can also view a documentary produced for Move To Amend for on their YouTube channel and gain a greater understanding of how corporations have evolved in the United States, used money and ill-gotten gains produced through human suffering to accumulate power and wealth which enabled them to literally BUY our Government.  Democracy is a dream that doesn’t exist in it’s purist form politically anymore in the United States of America.  The People are not being represented by the officials they elected into office to be their voice, advocate and protector, or those politicians genuinely out for the greater good find insurmountable obstacles preventing the kind of huge sweeping reform we are in need of now. Millions of people suffer at the hands of powerful corporate entities that only place value on profits, at whatever the cost.  To them, human life is disposable in their ever increasing global conquest to pilfer natural resources throughout the world to feed their destructive, out of control system.  Life itself, all life forms, are not valued, nourished and protected.  Indeed, life is used and controlled like pawns in their games, games of economic, class and climate warfare.  We The People have had enough.  We the People want to reclaim Democracy.

Watch this powerful and compelling video that illustrates the destructive role corporations have had for over 100 years and will continue to have if we don’t unite and take back the rights granted to us by our Founding Father’s. Reading the Constiturtion