Marando Farms: Being a Localist and Being Green In Broward

When my son and I went to Marando Farms last month, I was literally blown away and like a kid in a candy store. The assortment of organic, locally grown produce is amazing and blows Publix and Walmart away with their meager organic offerings. In addition to supporting local farms, they also support local dairy farms and many local, businesses producing products that are not only delicious but also build sustainability, health, and local economy. 

The couple that owns Marando Farms, Chelsea and Fred Marando, are dedicated to saving Florida’s farms and ranch land and do so many amazing things for their community and The Green, Local Economy Movement. Here’s a short list of some of the things that really impressed me about Marando Farms and by no means covers all the incredible aspects of what they do and stand for:

  • Farm animal section of previously abandoned animals 
  • Community Garden 
  • Pesticide free farming 
  • Artisan Market 
  • Awesome smoothie and juice bar
  • Field trips for local schools

But, don’t listen to me talk about them. Check them out. You won’t be disappointed!

  Marando Farms