“Beneath The River of Grass”

“Beneath The River of Grass”

And I pray,
Oh, River beneath rivers
Creator of All things
Innovator, Genius, deliverer of dreams
Hear my calls
Come to me
Break through this layer of invisibility
Grant me The Vision,
of truth I yearn to see

End this separation
Giving me glimpses

but holding away the totality

In this very acknowledgement, lies the key!
For I know better then to think that I am separate from Thee
How can I ever be?
You are the river beneath the great river of grass
you are the river beneath it all, nourishing life, glade and gator

The illusion of seperateness lasts as long as I disbelieve
In our interconnectedness and everlasting unity

Like Trees all growing and nourished from the same root
We live in a dark, dismal forest of self imposed separation
All silently linked to the source
But we, the trees, may stand there unaware
not seeing the global interconnectedness
Or perhaps some trees stand proud and tall, happy to see circular movement of energy
every tree, aware or not, plays a critical part
in Divinity’s Creation

The Ever Glades are a divine creation
and we are those trees, silently linked to the source, mostly unaware that we are tied together as partners in a delicate ecosystem where every element, every bird, every ‘Tree”, is tied to the river, The Great River, that flows and nourishes all life forms from the depths, from the depths, since the beginning of time. That river has given and sustained life for eons. We are a team. When the Everglades are attacked, we are ALL attacked.

We must protect her like we would our own Mother for in reality, like a Mother, she gives life to all of us and her love and gift of life is sacred. To be honored. To be loved. To be protected. To carry on infinitely.


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  1. I’d like to visit the Everglades someday. I’ve read many of Carl Hiaasen’s books, and one theme winds throughout: the Everglades need protection and rejuvenation; there is a hugely corrupt system systematically destroying this unique ecological treasure.


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