Australia’s Startup Economy

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Beyond Digital Strategy

Cloud based tech companies, scalability and disruptive technology. Small, agile startups rushing to innovate and find a gap in the market. It is activity on a scale that has never been seen before.

StartupThe way the world conducts business is changing rapidly and Australia has an unprecedented opportunity to transition from a resource and primary industry based economy to one focused on high growth, knowledge intensive and data driven businesses that compete on a global stage. If you need confirmation of how much the business world has changed, look no further than these four companies:

  • UBER: a multibillion dollar taxi service that owns no vehicles.
  • AIRBNB: an accommodation provider that owns no property.
  • ALIBABA: the world’s richest retailer carries no stock.
  • FACEBOOK: the world’s most popular media company creates no content.

The recent Startup Economy study conducted by PwC and commissioned by Google Australia projected that…

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