My Dying Wish

In a nutshell, I could be dying but the mind still works and I want to contribute to the world while I still can. This site is my contribution. I am an artist, educator and activist determined to make a mark on this great canvas we call life before it’s too late.
My mission is to inspire, educate and motivate people to take action and create a better, healthier and sustainable world for our children. We are in a state of crisis. Climate change is real and if we don’t take action now, it’s going to be too late. We are almost past the point of no return. Our Earth is sick and so is our society. We are all polluted and living an unhealthy existance.

Unfortunately, I have not been blessed with good mental and physical health, have a lump in my breast and suffer from many ailments. To name a few, some of my diagnoses include: bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, orthostatic hypotension, degenerative disc disease, arthritis, GERD, IBS, chronic migraines, sciatica, folliculitis and staph infection. I have had staph infection countless times but this recent one is the worst one I’ve ever had and I have been on and off antibiotics for about two months now. Just when I think it’s gone, it comes back. I have to take frequent bleach baths and be fastidious about my hygenie which is difficult for someone who has hot flashes, lives in one of the hottest states and is always sweating. A few years ago, my health problems started to significantly affect my ability to work and worsened to the point where I cannot work at all.
Professionally, I was a trainer, a college instructor and a pharmacy subject matter expert. I enjoyed playing those roles very much for the most part and feel like I touched many lives in positive ways but now my career is over. I have no idea from one moment to the next how I will be feeling and am not functioning well at all. It’s a real accomplishment for me to do some housework or go out of the house. Not exactly the best days of my life…. Hopefully, the case worker I was assigned after a recent hospitalization will be able to help me get the proper care because some days I feel like I am dying. So here I am, with all this going on, plus a lump in my breast and I can’t afford the biospy. So, I wait, still not sure if I have cancer, uninsured and without income, for some financial aid. I applied over 4 weeks ago for benefits at the state level and my case is still “pending”.

My problems seem immense but are actually insignificant when you look at the problems facing us globally. Climate change, income inequality, mass imprisonment of our population, GMO’s, fracking, destruction of our environment, wars and millions of lives lost over wars based on greed, the erosion of personal freedom and our basic rights, inaccessible healthcare, low wages, high cost of living, blockades to transitioning to solar power, the relentless destruction and violence to perpetuate a system serving the billionaire class, black people being slaughtered and enslaved by a system designed to hold them back, genocide of indigenous people, the list goes on and on…. Life doesn’t have to be this way. There are so many possible solutions. Thousands, maybe millions, of innovative and creative people across the world have implemented or developed them and are trying to get others on board. Entire cities and communities have transformed into what it known as “the new economy”, “the sharing or sustainable economy” or “the next system”.  

Change is taking place, but not fast enough. Those of us that are doing the research and have knowledge to share, have a duty to pass it on. I hope it’s not too late for us. I hope I have enough time left here on Earth to make a difference. I hope I have enough time to see us creating a healthier world.

Each and every one of us can help bring about the kind of radical changes. Start now. Take action now. There are so many ways. One way to start is to consume less and adjust spending habits to support local, sustainable businesses instead of corporate polluters of our bodies, environment, economy and politics. Another way is to recycle and drive less. Read articles about sustainability, climate change, social justice, inequality… and then share what you learn. One by one, we strengthen our unity and only in unity can we peacefully heal our planet and save ourselves.
Love to you all. Thank you for taking the time to read this…