Paper Trails

Chris Nicholas writes, “Society tends to place too much importance on paper, copper, nickel and zinc and not enough on intrinsic happiness and emotional freedom. We base our judgment of a man or woman on their fiscal worth rather then their characteristics and heart, meaning we’ve unconsciously created a skewed perception of success that is limited purely to pecuniary wealth.”

The Renegade Press

People always tell me that I’m too hard on myself. That I push myself to breaking point and never take the time to stop and reflect on how much I have achieved. It’s a fair point. I’m my own harshest critic. I have been known to beat myself up over every little fault in my work; when I finish a piece I want to be able to stand back and tell myself that I am completely satisfied with what I have produced. I don’t want to create second-rate dribble that I as the creator find shaky or mundane. If I’m not confident or inspired by what I’ve written, no one else will be either.

I’m hard on myself because I care. Because in many aspects of my life I have a tendency to slip into this near enough is close enough mentality that threatens to derail my dreams by way…

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Transformation to Barbarism

Political Film Blog


The treason of 9/11 and the fabricated “war on terror” have come full circle. The fascists are winning, clearly, getting away with mass murder in nation after nation, supporting the terrorists they claim to fight, and destroying the civilization that took centuries of struggle to enact. While the Bill of Rights is burned, and the totalitarian Big Brother state activated, the final restraints are being excised, while Americans are too fat, stupid, and lazy to even keep track of this direct assault…

Pentagon’s New “Law of War” Manual “Reduces Us to the Level of Nazis”

Manual Authorizes Slaughter of Innocent Civilians

Reporters Can Be Assassinated

Manual Authorizes Barbarous War Crimes

Obama and his Reich Marshalls should be arrested for war crimes.

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WikiLeaks Exposed the Secret Health Annex of the TPP: Big Pharma Would Win Again

Chomsky Lover

Documents released by wikileaks confirm the beliefs and criticisms of the TPP by millions of voices around the globe. If the TPP is passed it will most certainly give even more power to the pharmaceutical industry and they will specifically seek to destroy national healthcare programs in any nation who has one. Here is an excerpt from the beginning of WikiLeaks expose on the Health Annex portion of the TPP, ”

Today, Wednesday 10 June 2015, WikiLeaks publishes the Healthcare Annex to the secret draft “Transparency” Chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), along with each country’s negotiating position. The Healthcare Annex seeks to regulate state schemes for medicines and medical devices. It forces healthcare authorities to give big pharmaceutical companies more information about national decisions on public access to medicine, and grants corporations greater powers to challenge decisions they perceive as harmful to their interests.

Expert policy analysis, published…

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Bury the TPP and Instead Plant Seeds for a Sustainable, Democratic Economy

Chomsky Lover

The current economy benefits the few oligarchs running our nation while exploring all inhabitants of the earth and poisoning all of us as well as the planet which sustains us. It’s time for a new system. A new economy. It’s time for a change to a new system based on equality, social justice, sustainability and protecting and nurturing our planet Earth. Without Earth, none of us survive. If we band together and create innovative, socially just and sustainable alternatives using green power, we can bring manmind into a new era. We could change life as we know it and build a healthy planet, culture and economy for future generations. We can talk and battle politics forever and see little to no change. It comes down to each of us individually and what we do to bring about positive changes in the communities we live in.

What would happen if we…

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