Bury the TPP and Instead Plant Seeds for a Sustainable, Democratic Economy

Chomsky Lover

The current economy benefits the few oligarchs running our nation while exploring all inhabitants of the earth and poisoning all of us as well as the planet which sustains us. It’s time for a new system. A new economy. It’s time for a change to a new system based on equality, social justice, sustainability and protecting and nurturing our planet Earth. Without Earth, none of us survive. If we band together and create innovative, socially just and sustainable alternatives using green power, we can bring manmind into a new era. We could change life as we know it and build a healthy planet, culture and economy for future generations. We can talk and battle politics forever and see little to no change. It comes down to each of us individually and what we do to bring about positive changes in the communities we live in.

What would happen if we…

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