WikiLeaks Exposed the Secret Health Annex of the TPP: Big Pharma Would Win Again

Chomsky Lover

Documents released by wikileaks confirm the beliefs and criticisms of the TPP by millions of voices around the globe. If the TPP is passed it will most certainly give even more power to the pharmaceutical industry and they will specifically seek to destroy national healthcare programs in any nation who has one. Here is an excerpt from the beginning of WikiLeaks expose on the Health Annex portion of the TPP, ”

Today, Wednesday 10 June 2015, WikiLeaks publishes the Healthcare Annex to the secret draft “Transparency” Chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), along with each country’s negotiating position. The Healthcare Annex seeks to regulate state schemes for medicines and medical devices. It forces healthcare authorities to give big pharmaceutical companies more information about national decisions on public access to medicine, and grants corporations greater powers to challenge decisions they perceive as harmful to their interests.

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