And here’s the film: VIOME is a building materials factory in Thessaloniki, Greece, which was abandoned by its owners at the peak of the Greek crisis, in 2011. Subsequently it was occupied by its workers, and has been producing natural detergents under workers’ control since 2013. Despite being an emblematic and inspiring struggle, today VIOME […]


Join the international week of solidarity with self-managed VIOME against the auction of the premises

As a result of the legal battle waged against the workers of the occupied self-managed VIOME factory in Thessaloniki, Greece, the state-appointed trustee is now organising a series of auctions with the aim of liquidating the plot of land on which the VIOME factory is located. A possible sale of the land would create the […]


From Occupy to ballot-box: Hong Kong actor Gregory ‘Boy God’ Wong inspired by youth involvement in elections

The famous TV actor and supporter of Occupy says younger generations should not be criticised for getting involved in the District Council elections. By Phila Siu South China Morning Post Gregory Wong at his local polling station for the District Council elections. Image by SCMP The young people who were politically awakened by the Occupy […]


Why #MerryChristmasStarbucks is Everything Wrong with American Christianity

A few days ago, former pastor Joshua Feuerstein posted a video announcing a campaign against Starbucks due to their switch from festive holiday cups in previous years to a new plain red look for the 2015 holiday season. In the video, Feuerstein claims that Starbucks wanted to “take Christ and Christmas off of their brand new cups” because, […]


Move To Amend: To Create Viable Solutions to Our Systems Crisis, We Must Reform the Role Corporations Play in Our Government

Chomsky Lover

Let’s talk about greed, the pursuit of power and wealth and how is effects society. It is a critical conversation we should all be having and putting considerable thought and reflection into. When one studies human rights, sociology, psychology, politics, economics, ecology or history a trend becomes apparent. Greed pollutes. Period. In our society, can we pinpoint and proclaim who is the most greedy? One person, Corporation, Organization, Agency or Political Party cannot fairly be singled out and declared to be The King or Queen of Greed. No, it’s much deeper and complicated than that. Attempting to explain how, when or why greed and the accumulation of wealth started to poison living creatures and ecosystems would be a monumental task. In fact, it may be down right impossible. It’s likely that greed has existed since the beginning of time. We see the innate unwillingness to share in infants, toddlers and…

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Land of The Free? Free to Suffer

Chomsky Lover

I learned recently that there are over 2,400 homeless school age children in the county I live in. That is just accounting for the children that are of school age and doesn’t include parents and children from birth to the age of 5. How can this be?! How can this be considered “normal” in this day and age in the wealthiest nation in the world? We can spend trillions of dollars invading other countries on dubious grounds? We can give tax breaks to companies with billions of dollars in annual profits? We can bail out the banking industry with trillions of dollars? But we can’t ensure that children are fed and have a home? What does that say about our society? Take a look at our priorities. Take a look at what our government spends our resources and tax dollars. Obviously, we all need to pay attention to what’s going…

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Righteous Anger: “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine

Chomsky Lover

It’s an act of common sense to be angry when people see injustice in the world. Our own common sense may trigger thoughts such as: “This is wrong! Life shouldn’t be like this. Someone needs to do something!”

That kind of anger isn’t wrong. It is right, a normal response of a conscious being with the innate knowledge of right vs. wrong.

Thomas Paine, motivated to action based on his anger of the oppression he saw all around him in The Colonies at the hands of The British Crown anonymously published a pamphlet called “Common Sense” in January of 1776. Turns out, he wasn’t the only one or part of a small percentage of the population that shared his views. The majority of The People were also tired of being exploited by an out-of-control Government which failed to respect the public and didn’t operate for the best interest of the…

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