The System That Feeds Itself but not Others

The Intuition: Blog by Sajjad Khan

By Frank O’Brien,
Troy, New York,
October, 21, 2015.

The lunacy of voting for politicians that are no different then the bums you want out epitomizes why the American, Canadian, UK and other world democracies(with a small, teeny tiny D!) are lost to us as workable systems of government. These are not a systems worth even close to anything approaching a systems that are worth fighting and dying for, or even wasting your time in dutifully participating in them.

Stubborn Irish as I tend to be, it wasn’t until after Obama bamboozled me, and burned my rear end to the bone, that I woke up, and stopped drinking the poison. He ran on a platform of hope and change, but did next to nothing for African-Americans, nor any other minority for that matter.

As better men, and women, have said before me, it was all a dog and pony…

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