Land of The Free? Free to Suffer

Chomsky Lover

I learned recently that there are over 2,400 homeless school age children in the county I live in. That is just accounting for the children that are of school age and doesn’t include parents and children from birth to the age of 5. How can this be?! How can this be considered “normal” in this day and age in the wealthiest nation in the world? We can spend trillions of dollars invading other countries on dubious grounds? We can give tax breaks to companies with billions of dollars in annual profits? We can bail out the banking industry with trillions of dollars? But we can’t ensure that children are fed and have a home? What does that say about our society? Take a look at our priorities. Take a look at what our government spends our resources and tax dollars. Obviously, we all need to pay attention to what’s going…

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