Move To Amend: To Create Viable Solutions to Our Systems Crisis, We Must Reform the Role Corporations Play in Our Government

Chomsky Lover

Let’s talk about greed, the pursuit of power and wealth and how is effects society. It is a critical conversation we should all be having and putting considerable thought and reflection into. When one studies human rights, sociology, psychology, politics, economics, ecology or history a trend becomes apparent. Greed pollutes. Period. In our society, can we pinpoint and proclaim who is the most greedy? One person, Corporation, Organization, Agency or Political Party cannot fairly be singled out and declared to be The King or Queen of Greed. No, it’s much deeper and complicated than that. Attempting to explain how, when or why greed and the accumulation of wealth started to poison living creatures and ecosystems would be a monumental task. In fact, it may be down right impossible. It’s likely that greed has existed since the beginning of time. We see the innate unwillingness to share in infants, toddlers and…

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